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OSHA Compliance.
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Safety Rite’s Mobile Safety Services vehicles are equipped to conduct the screenings necessary to keep staff safe. Our mobile clinics are patient friendly and equipped with life-saving equipment. Because our technicians come to your door, there’s less downtime which improves productivity.

Adhering to industrial safety regulations protects plant and factory workers from hazards that can cause serious injury. Our safety standards are regulated and promulgated by the ) Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

Protection and Safety of People is our primary concern.

Dangerous environmental conditions where people might be exposed to health hazards, such as extreme temperatures, gas formation, fire, and explosion hazard, require professional oversight and durable protection.

Fire departments, rescue divers, and employees in the chemical industry rely on our rubber and plastic compounds and tailor-made solutions for protective equipment for their specific situation. We also provide new materials that offer significantly improved protection against chemicals and gases.

Technological advances led by digitization, demographic shifts, and more flexible working models are changing how we work. But one thing remains the same: The
demand for the most significant protection possible for workers whose jobs involve serious health hazards.

The Four Baselines Of Safety

  1. Awareness of safety hazards.
  2. Staying informed.
  3. Comprehensive training.
  4. Identifying unsafe conditions.

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