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Safety Rite creates a culture of safety in the workplace environment.

Safety Rite, Inc. is an occupational safety consulting, training, and services business serving corporations and government agencies. 

Safety Rite’s mission is to reduce employer health care costs while increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism due to injury. These steps enhance employee morale, allowing employers to attract and retain high-quality employees in a competitive staffing environment.  

Safety Rite is a “one-stop-shop” that supports your company’s compliance with OSHA’s safety requirements. Our services offerings cover three distinct areas:

  1. Patient Screenings:  Hearing – Vision – Pulmonary – Drug Testing – Wellness Examinations
  2. Consulting Services
  3. Training: Safe work environment.

Patient Screenings

Our on-site professional mobile medical clinic is equipped to provide services ranging from hearing, vision, pulmonary, and drug testing. 

Hearing – Our CAOHC-Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists perform mobile hearing testing and have over ten years of experience.  In addition, we have a staffed Professional Supervisor who can provide your company with professional review services for your hearing conservation program, including being a resource for your hearing protection needs. 

Vision We offer vision screening services and certified optical technicians who can create prescription safety glasses that meet the Z87 rating.  

Pulmonary – We provide pulmonary fit testing, mask fittings, and consultations. 

Drug screenings – We provide drug screening. 

Occupational Physical Examination – Our physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant staff provide wellness exams. 



  • Occupational Safety Evaluation and Safety Protection
  • OSHA 1910-95 Noise Testing
  • Industrial Optical Protection valuation (in our lab, at companies facilities via our mobile unit)
  • Comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations
  • Repairs and adjustments on all models of Optical, Hearing, and other Personal Safety units
  • Operations Site compliance under OSHA guidelines
  • Drug Screening
  • Safety and Health weakness prevention and mitigation measures

We provide tremendous value in offering employers integrated delivery models with low acuity and specialist visits. 

Consulting Services

We assist companies in identifying and controlling health hazards to site safety-related matters, confined space, drug and alcohol testing, confined space, atmospheric testing, and fall protection support. 

Outsource Your Risk Management Services

Many small business owners struggle to avoid the risks associated with workers’ compensation and workplace hazards. We are dedicated to reducing your risk through onsite consulting, job site inspections, accident and injury investigations, training, and education.

Occupational Health Management & Consulting

  • Conservation Hearing Test Surveillance & Silica Testing
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Occupational Medical Exams
  • COVID-19 Response Center
  • Fit for Duty Testing –  Job Task Analysis & Functional Job Descriptions
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Workplace Safety & Industrial Hygiene
  • Safety and Industrial Hygiene Services


Now that you have identified and controlled the risks, it’s essential to train your Safety Manager or Supervisors on the measures you’ve taken to protect them and what role they must take in maintaining their environment for optimal safety. Our training focus is on creating a safe and productive work environment, and our approach is to train the trainer on how and why.

Training/Product Offerings:

Earplug usage – Our team will instruct the in-house trainer on the proper operation of ear plug Noise Reduction Rate (NRR.)

Ear muff usage – The ear muff’s design offers additional sound prevention due to the device’s ability to cover the entire ear.  

Frames & Lenses – Awareness initiatives: The American National Industrial  Safety Standard requires ALL frames and lenses worn on ANY safety-regulated site to be Z87 stamped and rated with polycarbonate lenses and frames nearly indestructible by IMPACT.  Our mobile clinic is equipped to fit employees on-site.  We provide polycarbonate lenses and frames through a 3M distributorship. 

Respirators – We supply the equipment to protect workers in environments that may contain harmful substances and pollutants. Additionally, we provide a special pulmonary fit test and instructions on the mask’s safe use. 

Construction hats – Construction hard hats are one of the first lines of defense from a head injury on a workplace site. Our team can help you select the type of hard hat best suited for your workplace environment.  

Document Programs

Companies in the construction, industrial, and manufacturing sectors employees must have the following five safety programs:

  • Conservation Hearing and Protection Program
  • Health and Safety Manual
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Fire Prevention Plans
  • Hazardous Communications Program

Additionally, an employer may be required to supplement those programs with other written programs based on the hazards your employees are exposed to, such as fall protection programs, respiratory protection programs, and forklift operation programs.

Documentation.  It’s critical to record all types of safety data, as much of it is required by law.

  • OSHA 300 logs
  • Safety data sheets
  • Safety training and toolbox training sign-in sheets

We assist you in tracking your progress and documenting your steps by maintaining your job hazard analysis and standard operating procedures.

Obtain Employee Buy-In

The hardest part of achieving an effective safety culture is obtaining employee buy-in. It’s important to let your employees know that you care about them and want them to go home and enjoy their free time, family, and friends in the healthiest way possible. 

As an owner or production manager, prioritizing the value of safety is beneficial. Therefore, it is imperative to provide your frontline supervisors the authority to enforce the written discipline policy, but more importantly, provide them with the influence and knowledge to implement your safety program daily, so they are familiar with each job’s hazards, controls, and regulatory requirements, exemplify the standard, and engage employees in the process.

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