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Soil Analysis & Conservation

Soil provides essential ecosystem services that support different processes in nature, including nutrient cycling and gas exchange. Water fluxes are integral in cycling nutrients through the soil-plant-atmosphere pathway in these cycles. They are essential in transferring nutrients and other particles from the soil to nearby water bodies. Soil can absorb rainwater, store it temporarily, and release it to plants and soil organisms. Soil also filters water-dissolved materials and releases water into surface water and groundwater.

Healthy soils are critical to sustaining life. Healthy soils are needed for food production, water filtration, replenishing groundwater supplies, and breaking down and recycling the essential nutrients required for the food chain.

When soil is well managed, it can be an efficient rainwater sponge. If the soil is improperly managed, infiltration into the soil can be significantly reduced, and the water may run off the surface, carrying soil particles with it.

Our soil testing exercise provides an accurate assessment of the chemical, physical and biological soil properties

Analysis of soil management and water conservation practices are part of our primary focus in ensuring the purification standards of water are optimized by focusing on:

  • Leaching 
  • Household Wastewater Disposal
  • Land Application of Nutrient Containing Organic Materials
  • The importance of Good Soil Management
  • Erosion, Sedimentation, and Runoff

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